Why Join Us?

We are breaking new grounds in Ayurveda and Education and want you to join us in this exciting and
life-changing journey. Discover 7 reasons to join us.

A Great Place to Work

Freshers and experienced job seekers from all over India are now building meaningful careers with Jiva. Competitive salary, performance-linked incentives, personal development, ongoing professional training and unprecedented career growth is what you can expect at Jiva. You will be part of a diverse and talented teams where you will learn, grow and contribute each day towards taking Ayurveda to every home. Be a part of this industry at an exciting time of growth and new opportunities in a professional environment!

Career Progression and Recognition

Jiva Ayurveda actively supports career progression based on merit and achievements. We empower you with knowledge sharing sessions and guidance as a part of your career path. Excellent advancement opportunities and generous remuneration are offered based on an individual’s expertise, ambition, contribution, inquisitiveness and passion towards meeting goals. At each stage of your career growth, we offer and receive feedback to ensure maximization of your skill and potentials through a transparent, professional process.

Leading Award-Winning Innovations in Ayurvedic Heathcare

Jiva Medical and Research Centre is based on the Jiva TeleDoc project which won the World Summit Award from the United Nations at Geneva, Switzerland in 2004. We are constantly charting new territories and adopting novel ways to service pan-Indian patients through the latest technology, research, media and marketing. Ayurveda is an emerging market with immense potential and we are leading from the front. At Jiva Ayurveda, we invest in innovation geared towards better delivery of Ayurvedic consultation, medicines and therapies. We aim to keep building a stronger presence for authentic Ayurveda both within India and internationally.

Training and Professional Development

“Jivites” receive formal training, on-the-job learning, mentoring and other enriching opportunities to become competent and to keep developing. Here, they learn to not only handle the demands of their respective departments but also imbibe new and specific skills to improve performance and prepare for future responsibilities. Training and development sessions are conducted by internal subject matter experts as well as external faculty, one example is the sessions under our CME (Chikitsa Meet) program. In addition, Jiva employees get learning opportunities by working in cross-functional teams, with professionals in different domains and departments.

Fostering a Dynamic Workplace and Sense of Community

At the heart of Jiva Ayurveda is a dynamic and friendly work environment that encourages activity, growth and a sense of community. We welcome initiative to launch new programs and collaborate and there is always something new going on. We try to foster an environment where no two weeks seem the same to our employees! Employees will find a rare combination of a professional workplace and a family-like environment here.

Strong Ethics and Open Door Policy

Jiva is committed to maintaining an environment free of violence, threats or unethical behaviour. We respect the dignity and privacy of each employee and we strongly believe in an open door policy to promote transparency at the workplace. Jiva encourages everyone to interact with senior management and voice their suggestions and concerns. This helps foster a free, fair and ethical space with growth for all.

Encouraging Work-Life Balance

At Jiva, you can be assured of having a good work-life balance. Instead of being in an overbearing or extremely hierarchical set-up, you can look forward to a flexible and inspiring workspace. You’ll be engaged in meaningful work while maintaining the sanctity of your personal time. Jiva also invests in social opportunities and celebrations for its employees so they may have fun at work. We strongly believe that we grow individually, we grow as a team, and we grow as a company. To ensure that our employees have quality time away from work with their families, we also have flexible work as well as leave policies!